1. Typing: A Summation

    This will be my final post on typing, both because, frankly, the topic was never really that interesting and also because I’m ready to declare victory and go home. 

    I have pretty much taught myself how to type correctly. It was neither as difficult nor as time consuming as I thought it might be. I was aided by the excellent typing program typingweb.com and through my own commitment to try not to stray from correct fingering, even when it would be easier and more expedient to do so. So, huzzah for diligence. In conclusion, 20 years of typing wrong can be overcome through 4 weeks of typing right. Inspirational? Maybe. I guess. Whatever. All I’m saying is that if I can do it, anyone can do it and if you want to do it, just do it and it’ll be done soon enough.

    One of the other side effects of committing to typing correctly is forgetting to how to hunt and peck. I couldn’t revert (with any ease at least) back to my old methods and I think that’s for the best. Though on the other hand (that’s a typing joke?), I’m pretty much capped out at my maximum speed with how fast I can type correctly, which is, I think, still at this point slower than my old hunting and pecking. I suppose this is a natural consequence, and sometimes I regret this as I’m not sort of “stuck,” but there are far worse problems in the world. 

    I will probably continue to do some typing practice, in addition to the built-in practice of doing my job, which itself requires a lot of typing, just for fun because the “gamification” (I dislike this word) of the exercises remains somewhat alluring and and also because there are definitely areas where I could still use improvement, such as numbers and symbols. Those are still areas of weakness and make typing complicated internet passwords a bit more cumbersome than it should be.  

    So yeah, typing. Woo. 


  2. Sunday

    I was watching football, but I have given it up to practice typing and to watch Futurama and that’s probably the nerdiest thing I’ve ever admitted to. I have completed the intermediate course and my WPM have gone up, but in the last test my accuracy went down. I blame bike lanes.

    My plan is to move on to the advanced lessons this afternoon and then maybe I’ll test again. I consistently find that the hardest letter for me is B, which is problematic given my name. I always want to type it with my right hand, but it’s a left hand letter and I just need to convince my fingers of that. 

    I’ve tried to apply correct typing into my everyday life and have done so fairly well, with the exception of blogging, where I still hunt and peck. I guess I just want to get those words out quickly and am less focused on getting them out correctly. I guess that tells you all you need to know about my blogging philosophy, huh?


  3. Practice

    I didn’t do as much typing practice over the break as I thought I would but I’m back at work now and shit just got real. I’m committed to trying to use proper typing technique, even if it’s slower because that’s how you learn. Or something. But the things I don’t know! Like exclamation points and quotations marks and @ symbols. How am I supposed to type work things like

    way to have “good” grades @ accounting! 

    which is maybe a work thing I would type. OK, not really. Nevertheless, I will soldier on in this brave new world, fingers at the ready, limber and nimble. Or flailing and cloddy. Wish me luck!


  4. Intermediate Typing

    It includes the exciting world of Capital Letters, which I find to be somewhat difficult. I just don’t quite yet have the finger memory to make sense of the whole “use the other hand pinky to press SHIFT key” thing, but I hope that someday not too far off my fingers will learn and all will be right with the world. Or something. 

    Also, punctuation is happening, albeit slowly and nothing more exciting than commas, periods, and a stray semicolon. I will admit that those quotation marks above have now yet been officially learned, so I guessed. 

    I’m still coming in at about 20-30 words per minute and that’s totally fine with me. I’m not angling to be a professional typist or anything. At least not yet. I’d like to retain my amateur status, just in case typing becomes an NCAA sport. That would actually be kinda sad (them making it a sport), but college athletics is sorta bizarre, so you never know. 


  5. Typing Update

    I have completed the Beginner section. I have received many virtual trophies, though I don’t do it for the virtual accolades. I also haven’t yet been taught how to do capital letters, so there’s that. Anyway, I typed this whole thing correctly and in not too long a time, so I would definitely say that I am making progress. Huzzah. 

    The other thing is all the weird words that I’m required to type to pass the lessons. Some weird ones like immaculate and actuators. I don’t think I’ll need to type these words normally in the course of my everyday typing, but they’re good for learning, I suppose. Woo learning. 


  6. Typing, part II

    I typed that last post correctly, but I’m going to hunt and peck this one because I have much more to say and a limited time to do it. I suppose my willingness to immediately fall back into bad habit in the name of expediency might indicate how poorly this venture will eventually pan out. Nevertheless, here are some things. 

    1. Is it possible to learn to type correctly as an adult and are there any real benefits to doing so? Maybe! I am prone to typos and while I can bang out a typed thing relatively quickly, maybe I’ll want to do that more accurately and even faster. 

    2. I haven’t leaned how to use the shift key yet.

    3. I’m using an app through I was able to download for free through the Chrome store. So far, it’s fine. 

    4. I have reverted back to correct typing form for this. I have a few days off next week and plan to dedicate some time then to practice. I hope to make significant progress then. We’ll see. 


  7. Typing

    For reasons I can’t fully explain, I am trying to teach myself to type correctly and break years of bad typing habits. It is slow going. If reading about this kind of thing interests you, watch this space for periodic updates. 


  8. Moving

    We moved out. It’s for a couple of months while the house gets renovated. Nothing gets you to hate everything you own more than having to look at it, assess its continued value in your life, box it, lift it, place it, lift it, carry it, load it drive it, lift it and maybe unbox it. 

    I’ll probably be posting over here more during the course of the renovation because I’ll have things that maybe I’ll want to write but that wouldn’t thematically coincide with the bicycle blogging. So follow this space if you want to read about my home’s metamorphosis and my not living there while that happens. 


  9. In the hole

    I fall asleep and wake up a few hours later and I’m up for a few hours and sleep again for whatever time is left before I have to be up for real in the morning and this is how I spend my nights now and I can’t say that I particularly enjoy it but I also can’t say that I’m not in some way beholden to this pattern because I can’t seem to escape it. My wife, who is considerably wise about matters somnolent, has two phrases associated with this- “in the hole” and “upside down.” To be in the hole is to be awake in the gap between sleeping and to be upside down is to have nights and days switched. I am most decidedly in the hole.


  10. <1914

    All of the best things happened before 1914.